Major Signs You Need Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Major Signs You Need Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

When it comes to flooring, carpet is the most popular choice for homeowners and businesses. From homes to offices and hotels, carpet flooring is used to enhance the aesthetics and comfort of a space. However, most people never think about cleaning their carpets unless they spill some wine or their pet stains them. When carpets get dingy, rubbing the stain isn’t enough to keep your carpet in top shape for years. If not cleaned periodically, carpets accumulate dust, pollen, and germs. Over time, it becomes the breeding ground for mold, mildew, and insects. Now you might think that your floors are clean and hygienic because you regularly vacuum your carpet. Vacuuming does indeed help in removing dust but carpet fibers need a deeper clean from time to time.

Why Professional Carpet Cleaning?

DIY brushing and vacuuming removes dust but what about the stubborn stains and deep-down grime? Proper carpet cleaning involves scrubbing, rinsing, and drying every inch of flooring. DIY carpet cleaning fails to provide deep cleaning and is more likely to leave residue behind. However, the carpet cleaning service provides know the best techniques and has professional-grade equipment to eliminate grime and set-in stains efficiently. Professional cleaners also know how to completely extract water and solvents used for removing stains to provide you fresh looking carpets. Now that you know the importance of professional carpet cleaning, you might think about how to know it’s time for a professional carpet cleaning.

Signs You Need a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Possibly, you vacuum your carpet once or twice a week and now you’re not sure whether you need professional cleaning. So, if you’re unsure, here are some tell-tale signs that indicate your carpet needs professional cleaning.

  1. Dull & Discoloured Carpet

If your carpet has lost its original color and started looking dull, it’s time to consider professional carpet cleaning. The fibers on the carpet collect dust and start looking dull and worn out.  So, if your carpet is no longer as vibrant as when it was first installed, then this is the most obvious sign that carpet is due for a cleaning. Besides dull color, too many stains are also an indication that DIY cleaning isn’t the best solution to revitalize your carpet back to life.

  1. Unpleasant Odors

Another obvious sign is a foul smell coming from the carpet. If you notice an unusual smell the minute you enter the room where carpet flooring is installed, possibly it is your carpet that is stinking. If not cleaned properly, the water stays behind and wet carpet leads to mold and mildew buildup. If you don’t clean the carpet after you drop something such as food or your pet urinates on it, your carpet will stink. This will not only make the indoor environment unpleasant but also affect the air quality that would pose serious health risks. So, before things get worse, hire an experienced carpet cleaning service.

  1. Allergies Getting Worse

The dust and dirt trapped on your carpets could cause allergies. If your allergies are coming back or your sinus has got worse, it is possibly because of the allergy-causing bacteria and germs that are stuck in your carpet. If not deeply cleaned, these allergens could spread through the air and trigger allergies. Unlike dust, the bacteria and germs get stuck in the deep fibers of carpets and vacuuming doesn’t help in removing them. Only cleaning experts know the right techniques to eliminate allergy-causing bacteria.

  1. Children & Pets at Home

When you have kids or pets at home, it is normal to get the carpet stained with mud and unexpected spills. With children or pets like cats or dogs, carpets quickly get dirty and smelly. The vacuum cleaner is helpful in removing lost dust but the tiny particles and stains that settle down on fibers can be tricky to get rid of. Household vacuum cleaners don’t have the high suction power to provide thorough cleaning. So, it’s necessary to call a professional carpet cleaner to make your carpet look new again. The professionals use advanced equipment and eco-friendly solvents that effectively remove grime and stains without causing any harm to your family and pets.