8 Signs You Need Professional Carpet Cleaning

8 Signs You Need Professional Carpet Cleaning

Here’s a fact that is both interesting and despicable- your carpet serves as an air filter, trapping pollen, dust, and other particles from the so-called “breathing-zones” till it gets a taste of a vacuum cleaner. If you think your weekly or bi-weekly bouts of reluctant vacuuming does the job, you’ll be amazed at what you are missing out on. No amount of DIY carpet cleaning can match up to professional cleaning services, and that is not to your discredit.

A good carpet cleaning calls for expert tried and tested techniques and professional-grade equipment that remove set-in stains and grime going deep down into the crevices. With the right equipment, any water stuck inside the carpet can be cleaned, leaving the carpet good as new. Especially with excellent drying mechanisms available with professional cleaning services, you can expect your carpet to be at its peak after the cleaning job.

But that said, how do you know when you are in dire need of carpet cleaning? It might be harder to spot a degrading carpet from a distance. We have narrowed down the tell-tale signs to 8 indicators that your carpet requires deep cleaning. Take a look:

You Cannot Remember the Last Time You Cleaned Your Carpet Professionally

If you are unable to recall the last time your carpet was professionally cleaned, it probably means a thorough cleaning is long overdue. Most carpets ought to be cleaned at least once every year, and if there are children or pets at home, the frequency should be higher due to risks of wear and tear.

With an insured carpet cleaning team, you get both the expertise necessary for the job and the safety net that should something go awry, they are bound to compensate you for the damage caused.

Shoes Are Often in Contact With the Carpet

This is quite normal. You might be leaving the house but just remember that you forgot something. You can run back to get it without removing your shoes. This can leave a trail of grime and dirt in your wake which over time accumulates and creates bigger problems.

Every time you forget to take your shoes off before setting foot on the carpet, you track bacteria and dirt from your shoes right across the carpet, leading to a buildup of dirt that eventually breaks down your carpet fibers and harbors toxic pollutants.

In such cases, a DIY cleaning job is not enough and a professional cleaner can resolve the issue more easily and efficiently. Professional carpet cleaning companies use commercial-grade steam cleaning and hot water extraction technology to remove grime, dirt, and allergens embedded deep within your carpet fibers.

Your Carpet Fiber Is A Little Tricky

If your carpet was one chosen for its unique build material and general exquisite nature, cleaning it might call for an equally specialized treatment. Antique carpets or those made of delicate materials stand a risk of being damaged if DIY cleaning methods are tried without specialized knowledge.

For example, when it comes to nylon carpeting, it stands to benefit a lot from professional deep cleaning since its fibers tend to flatten over time, causing it to appear dull. A professional cleaner can ensure the fibers are revived aptly.

Your Carpet Smells Weird

Did you know carpet fibers can hold onto odors without letting them go for long periods of time? You might be able to temporarily dissipate the smell by vacuuming with some scented baking soda cleaning supplies, but the lingering scents related to smoke or pet urine can cause long-term problems.

The way your carpet smells is a telling sign of whether it requires professional cleaning. Any smell suggests the penetration of some fluid or stain into the carpet fibers. With professional steam powered extraction, these odors can be removed.

Your Carpet Has Stains That Won’t Go

If you have pets at home, muddy paws will be more common than you thought. Alternatively, we also tend to have different kinds of spills sometime on the other. While your carpet might look innocently stained without any further damage, it is best to address stains soon. THe longer you wait, the more you risk the stain setting onto the carpet.

Have you mantra always been letting it dry first? Well, you might have exacerbated its chances of leaving a permanent impression. When you see pet stains setting in and no amount of blotting, treatment, and drying is helping, leave it to the pros.

Something About Your Carpet Does Not Look Right

Have a thorough look at your carpet and see if it is looking a little defeated. If yes, a deep cleaning job can put some of its initial charm back into it. Every time your carpet seems matted, dull, or muted, know that it requires a professional cleaner to restore it back to its original vibrancy and fluffiness.

But before you set out to do it yourself, always check if the carpet manufacturer needs a specific kind of cleaning to keep its warranty in effect.

You Cannot Remember the Original Color of Your Carpet

Has your carpet been looking a few shades darker than it used to be? Any sign of discoloration, especially darkening, indicates very heavy foot traffic. Professional equipment that has better water pressure beats widely marketed consumer-grade carpet cleaning products by a mile.

So, the next time you notice your carpet taking on a shade darker than initially, it could be a cause for rightful concern.

Something About Your Carpet Does Not Feel Right

Try to run your hand over the carpet and conduct a “feel test.” If your carpet seems rougher and more matted down than usually, it might be time for some cleaning. Moreover, if you happen to rub your hand across a carpet and feel its grit, you might just be feeling a host of sand, dirt, pet hair, and similar debris that requires a thorough clean up.

If you cannot help but retract your hands, the time is ripe for some deep cleaning. Your good ol’ regular vacuuming will remove usual debris but with a professional-grade job, you get accuracy, experience, skill, punctuality, and efficiency.

With ample amenities, equipment, and manpower, a professional carpet cleaning team has both experience and resources on its side. Cleaning carpets is generally deemed as a time-consuming and tiresome task, for you must spray , scrub, rinse, and dry every nook and cranny to ensure your carpet’s proper health.

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