Need Professional Carpet Cleaners? New Again Carpet Cleaning Services To The Rescue!

Need Professional Carpet Cleaners? New Again Carpet Cleaning Services To The Rescue!

Most of us are in favor of warm, fuzzy carpets keeping our floors cozy and comfortable in both winters and summers. Of course, there is the bonus of aesthetic appeal as well! The idea of carpeting floors starts to get convoluted when you consider cleaning-related requirements. Carpet cleaning is nothing like washing your clothes- it takes manpower and the appropriate equipment/chemicals. It is only natural that most of us resort to vacuuming our carpets quite regularly, and do not give it much thought afterwards. What if we tell you, vacuuming a carpet does not really do much apart from making it seem clean?

The reason carpets need cleaning is not simply to amp up their aesthetic appeal, but to also ensure your health is not negatively impacted by it. After all, an item of comfort should not pose health hazards, should it? If you always thought vacuuming your carpet is a job well done, we do not blame you. The pollutants and germs we are speaking of here are not quite visible to the naked eye. Only professional carpet cleaning services can get to the roots of such pollutants and detractors.

If you are in and around Fayetteville, New Again Carpet Cleaning Services can be your go-to experts you can put faith in, when it comes to carpet cleaning. Want to increase the longevity of your carpet in a way that vacuum is not doing? We can be of help. We remove all unwanted dust, pet hair, fluff, and dirt. There is much more to carpet cleaning than what meets the eye, but we can help remove those that do not come within our visible range.

Why Go For Professional Carpet Cleaning?

Getting your carpet professionally cleaned will not only give it a pristine look, one you might have been trying to attain yourself, but it will also make sure your health is taken care of. If you suffer from asthma, snoring, sleep apnea, or other lung-related complications, you could be more prone to experiencing complex health issues if your carpets are not cleaned timely to a certain standard. Let’s take a closer look at what a professional cleaner can do for your carpet:

Removing Dust Mites

Albeit invisible to the naked eye, dust mites certainly exist and can be commonly found at homes. The physical parts and feces of dust mites happen to be allergens which can make your nasty allergies act up, unless taken care of. Steam cleaning kills dust mites which you cannot see, but are inevitably embedded in your carpet. Steam cleaning blasts them at high temperatures, making it an effective way to remove dust mites once and for all!

Eliminating Trapped Pollutants

Pollutants can take various shapes. Some which might get trapped in your carpet include pet dander, insect allergens, everyday dust and dirt, and traces of lead. Commonplace activities such as vacuuming or simply walking across the carpet can lead to the release of toxic airborne gasses that can greatly compromise the safety of your home. If the toxic gasses go into your body, there are chances of experiencing a deterioration in your overall health. Professional carpet cleaners employ specialized shampooing formulas to do away with the trapped pollutants, irrespective of how deep they are trapped.

Averting Mold Growth

Typically found in homes where the humidity levels are high, standing water can soak into your carpet fiber, encouraging mold growth, and leading to health risks, especially respiratory problems. Hiring a professional carpet cleaner means ensuring the use of a drying element that removes all moisture left behind, doing away with any mold that could have been there previously. This can also prevent any new growth from popping up.

Why Choose Us?

Now that the dangers of not cleaning your carpet in the right manner are out of the way, it is time to recommend our experts for your requirements. We speak from experience and knowledge, and we pride ourselves for the everlasting relationships we build with our loyal customer base.

Why should you avail New Again Carpet Cleaning services? What do we offer that others don’t? Well, to start off with, New Again Carpet Cleaning can be used as a measure of maintenance, and no- not just spot-specific cleaning. Whether you know it or not, your carpet is always dirty. From small specs of dirt blowing through the open windows and doors, to tiny debris brought in each day by you and your family. Your carpet can keep getting dirtier in such small increments that there is truly no way to tell how dirty it is today as compared to yesterday. The dirtier you let it become, the more the dirt cuts your carpet’s life down a handful of years.

New Again Carpet Cleaning must be utilized for carpet cleaning needs once a year at the very least to ensure you are living in a safe environment. We recommend 2 to 3 times a year, and even more if there is heavy traffic in and around your home or business. We offer free estimates for residential and commercial properties!

Note that commercial properties need frequent cleanings because of heavier traffic. New Again has maintenance packages that can meet your specific needs. Call us anytime at 910-867-9265 for a free estimate.