Five Common Carpet Cleaning Techniques Used By Professionals

We see several homeowners cleaning their carpets themselves, thinking they can save more. What they seem to forget realizing is that the DIY techniques they resort to, have limitations. And in case, you are also one of the lots; you better understand the difference between various carpet fibers and construction first along with different types of cleaning tools that are suitable for the purpose. Post that, you can carry out a thorough carpet cleaning yourself.

However, if stress and hassle is not your way of life, then it would be best to hire professionals to do the job. They would come for your residential or commercial carpet cleaning task equipped with specialized knowledge, powerful tools, and appropriate cleaner solutions to give you accurate results that you look for. They would use any of the below-mentioned techniques to sanitize your carpet and prolong its longevity and performance overall –

  1. Steam Cleaning

Also known as ‘hot water extraction’ method, this is one of the most popular types of carpet cleaning you will come across these days. Here, the cleaning experts apply natural cleaning agents on the surface of the carpet and then use high-pressure hot water to convulse the fibers dissolving any accumulated dust particles, pollens, etc. that are present.

This technique works great in penetrating deep into the carpets and removes any stubborn stains without any risks to children and pets around.

  1. Dry Powder Cleaning

Such a cleaning method has been high on trends lately and even got approval from the majority of carpet manufacturers. It is basically low moisture cleaning that involves the application of dry, absorbent compounds on the surface of the carpet and then vacuuming it out.

It works perfectly well for the removal of light soiled dirt and grime from the carpet surface, keeping it fresh and low-maintenance.

  1. Bonnet Cleaning

This is quite similar to dry powder cleaning. Used commonly in hotels and commercial businesses, it eliminates stains and grimes, but only at the surface level. In this method, a spinning pad or ‘bonnet’ soaked in the cleaning solution is rotated over the carpet fibers to remove dust in a fast manner.

The only issue is that the soil in the lower layers of the carpet eventually rises back to the surface and does require deep cleaning sooner or later.

  1. Shampoo Cleaning

Carpet shampooing is the oldest, yet a favorite method used by carpet cleaning companies. It involves applying a foaming substance onto the carpet and working it over with a brush machine. It then requires a wet vacuum to get rid of shampoo and dirt and later dry vacuum to take out the residue leftover.

This method works best for heavy-duty carpets. But, since the water reaches deep down the carpet fibers, the drying time is longer than the usual.

  1. Encapsulation Cleaning

This kind of cleaning involves usage of synthetic foam detergents that are worked into the carpet via brush machine and then vacuumed along with dirt attached to it. It is preferable than shampoo cleaning as it uses less water allowing quick drying time and thorough vacuuming resulting in clean results.

However, due to its limitations in technology, it may not be suitable for heavily soiled commercial carpets.