Tips to Deep Clean Your Living Room

Family members and friends frequently visit the living room to spend some quality time and entertain themselves. Therefore, it usually gets messy. The living room is the centre of every house that welcomes everybody whether it’s for relaxing alone or calling friends over to sip a cup of coffee or to watch the world cup with friends on the home theatre. Yes, it all happens in the living room.


Have you ever thought how dirty it becomes with all the activities taking place? Every time you and your friends walk on that costly carpet, it can build on the sticky dirt. Get your carpets clean! Every time you sit on that cosy sofa, the germs get settled there. Whenever you open the windows for the fresh air and sunlight to enter, it brings in the dirt along. All these factors contribute to the dusty environment of your living room.


If you want your living room to look as new as ever, follow these cleaning tips that will help you achieve it-


1) Begin with clearing the clutter- Living room is the primary area for the clutter to build up. Therefore, consider taking the things back to where they belong. If it is hard for you to shift things in their initial place, consider investing in a shelving unit with doors to hide away the unwanted stuff. Once you de-clutter, give the area a rough clean.


2) Takedown linens for a thorough wash- Linens must be washed once or twice a month according to the manufacturer’s directions. Therefore, take down the window screens, blinds and curtains to wash them. Apart from scrubbing them, vacuum clean the windowsills and every nook of the window to remove the hidden dust.


3) Clean the carpets and rugs- Carpets are expensive and they must be taken care of. If your carpets are heavily soiled and have rough stains, call a professional carpet cleaner. Otherwise, vacuum them and use a soft damp cloth with a mild homemade disinfectant to remove the stains once every week.


4) Dust and clean the ceiling fan- It would be so embarrassing if you switch on the fan only to see a large chunk of dirt fall on your guest’s head. Therefore, use mild soap mixtures to clean the fan and fan blades and dry them wholly before fixing them up again. Do the same with the lighting fixtures.


5) Don’t for the couch and chairs- Start with searching the missing items that have made their way into the abyss of the sofa. Secondly, use the vacuum cleaner with attachments to completely clean the crevices of the couch. Use an upholstery adjunct on a carpet shampoo device to clear slipcovers, accent pillows, soiled sofas and chair surfaces.


6) Dust down other things- Use a damp cloth to clean picture frames instead of pf liquid sprays because the water can seep through and damage the picture behind. If you have a vast collection of books, keep the bookshelf clean by donating unwanted books and de-cluttering. Use a duster to clean the lampshades, lamps, and any extra decorative items.