Easy and Efficient Cleaning Tips for a Healthy Home

People spend nearly half of their life inside their homes. They find it as a safe and comfortable nook that they can gravitate back to at the end of a hectic day. That is why it is crucial that the surroundings are healthy and safe.

For years, scientists have proven a strong connection between the housing and well-being of the people living in it. With air, comes dust that aggravates severe breathing issues and skin allergies. Yet, people pay the least attention to keep their establishments clean and sanitized.

The ignorance comes with the perspective that cleaning a house is expensive and tiring. Though cleaning is a time-consuming task, you can make it less burdensome. You just have to get into the habit of doing a little bit every day to keep the messes from piling up.

House cleaning doesn’t necessarily have to eat up your entire weekend. You can do that even in an hour. Check out this quick cleaning guide to get your unorganized premises under control.

Clean the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of every home. It is the cooking area, entertainment center, family room – all in one. Well, that makes the space an inviting factor for bacteria, viruses, germs, insects, and other pests. Following are a few ways to ensure a healthy kitchen –

  • Wash your dishes and utensils immediately after use.
  • Wash off the sponge and dish towels thoroughly as they may carry thousands of germs and food-borne pathogens if not cleaned or stored properly.
  • Keep veggies and raw meat separate to avoid cross-contamination and spread of harmful bacteria.
  • Store your food in tightly sealed containers.
  • Sanitize your countertops to kill any germs on the surface.

Clean the Bathroom

It is no secret that the bathrooms are the most infectious areas of a home. That is why traditional people relied on outhouses and public baths instead of making the toilets as a part of their houses. Here is how you can keep your bathrooms safe –

  • Keep the toilet seat and flush handle sanitized with a disinfectant.
  • Develop a habit of drying the wet floor and shower walls immediately to curb mold growth.
  • Use high-powered fans and exhausts to ensure proper ventilation.
  • Open windows for a few minutes every day to let in the sunlight and fresh air.
  • Wipe off toothpaste splatters and hairs from the sinks and faucets with a disinfecting wipe.

Clean the Living Room

Your living rooms are other areas of your house where germs and bacteria tend to spread easily. Read these ways to make your living room actually liveable –

  • Use floor mats both inside and outside of each exterior door to keep the dirt out.
  • Vacuum high-traffic areas at least every week and make a point to pick messes (like paper scraps, toffee wrappers, etc.) every day.
  • If you have carpets and rugs all over your house, vacuum them frequently to ease allergic reactions to dust. Carry out a deep carpet cleaning every few months.
  • Replace your old toxic wall paints with low-VOC paints, milk paints, or whitewashes.
  • Install carbon monoxide alarms.