6 Colors That Give The Bedroom A Soothing Feel

The cares of the world and the busy environment of the workplace should not be carried into the house. The home should be an inviting and soothing place, where you can go for mind restoration and revitalization. The bedroom in particular should be a restful retreat both for the body and for the mind. It is a well-known fact that when you are doing interior painting in Fayetteville NC, the right shade and color you give your bedroom goes a long way in giving the room a restful feel. Here are some of the paint colors that experts feel will do best for the bedroom.

Sky blue

Sky blue done in a delicate shade should be right enough to bring out a tranquil feel for the room. You could pair it up with a soft hue of white, bringing about that sunny spring feeling of peace and rest. It is known to be a stress-relieving color, and thus a great choice to use for the bedroom. Natural wood furniture goes well with the color so you need not worry about how to pair it up with traditional vintage. Gray furniture, which is more of a conventional modern appeal, will also do well with a sky blue painted room.


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While it seems like a more common and boring option, anyone who is into colors is aware that white comes in many different shades. If done well, it can bring about that calming environment you are looking for in a bedroom. When doing white, you must as well consider the lighting options you have in the room. A room full of natural light will go well with warmer shade of white, while one which is darker will do well with a cooler shade of white. Green plants and vegetation does well to break the boredom from continuous white walls. Do a white rug or a bedspread to add crisp to the whole room. For furniture, an earthy tone will do.

Pale green

Just as the sky blue option is, pale green brings about the same relaxing effect to a bedroom. It is actually widely known for its calming properties, largely because it is a naturally occurring option. It does pair well with earthy options for wall hangings and jewelry. For nurseries and children’s bedrooms, pale green also tends to be a great option.

Warm yellow

Yellow is also a great color, but you must be careful when you are choosing the tones to use. You will not want to go for a bright and bold shade if you are looking for a soothing environment. You will also not want a shade with a poor undertone. You could do a shade close to the color of butter or straw that will effectively warm up your room. Neutral furniture and accessories will warm up to the color, giving it a rejuvenating and welcoming feel.


Though colors in the purple realm are considered a risk when it comes to decoration, lavender is an exception. The beauty of lavender is its ability to make a room feel open and airy when light hits the walls, and also feels cozy and snuggly when the light disappears. It does exceptionally well with shades of white or neutral grey and can also be paired with the right shades of yellow, green or orange.

Light gray

Gray has an extensive use in the house, the office and in hotels. This is due to the various shades it comes with. It is best to stick with lighter shades of the same when it comes to the bedroom. Be careful not to use darker colors that make the room look crowded. Test patches can be helpful if you are not sure of which gray to use in a room. However, if you manage to get the right shade, you will have a relaxing room with your furniture decked out in light gray.