How To Keep Your Kitchen Clean Until The Next Visit By A Cleaning Company

House cleaning is a tedious task and keeping your kitchen clean daily is a big undertaking as well. Kitchen is one of those places in the house that are used extensively and therefore has a potential for mess. The only way to keep your kitchen clean all week is to know how to tackle it smartly every day. Even if you are seeking services of a house cleaning company, you still need have to make an effort to keep it clean until the cleaning staff’s next visit to your house. You can do so by following some of the easy tips mentioned below:

Make simple meals

There are times when it is not about how you clean the house but it is more how you create a mess. If you are fond of cooking and love to try new recipes frequently, then your kitchen will surely be in a chaos all week. Therefore it is better if you make some simple meals for a few days before you plan for the next big event in your house. While cooking for a gathering, make sure you have sufficient left over that you can eat for a few days later. By doing so, you will be able to keep your kitchen clean for a long period of time.

Emptying the dishwasher


The easiest way to keep your kitchen counter and sink clutter-free is to begin your day with an empty dishwasher. Make a habit of loading it throughout the day. This may look a bit difficult to you if you are not used to of this habit but you will see it can make a huge difference to your kitchen look.

Basic kitchen cleaning

Hiring a house cleaning company does not mean that you would not be taking part in any cleaning activity. Relying completely on the workmen would your biggest mistake. You can wipe the counters once you have cooked the meal, sweep the floor at the end of the day and clear the dishes as well. Everyone loves to see a clean kitchen in the morning when they wake up. Make an effort to meet these simple targets and your kitchen will keep sparkling all week long.

One day-one task

There is no need to set unrealistic targets. You would not be able to overhaul your kitchen in a day especially when you work as well. The easiest thing to do is to break down your task list and keep doing one extra thing daily. By doing so, you will find kitchen cleaning project easy and doable. Here is how you can do:

• Monday: clean the cabinet fronts

• Tuesday: choose one drawer and clean it thoroughly

• Wednesday: clean walls and backsplashes

• Thursday: clean your fridge and see if you can move the most perishables to the front

• Friday: scrub or mop the floor

• Saturday: check and tidy the pantry. You can also plan your grocery list and meals as well

• Sunday: wipe down your appliances

Involve all household members in this project

If you are working full time, you may find it hard to do all things at your own. Therefore, you must ask your spouse and children to cooperate and participate in keeping the house, especially kitchen clean. They can also wash dishes, wipe the counters and clear the bins whenever it is possible. It is all about making a habit.

Whether you avail cleaning services weekly, fortnightly or on monthly bass, you will surely find the above tips very useful in keeping your house and kitchen clean and bright. With a tidy kitchen, you will enjoy cooking delicious meals for your friends as family and keep them healthy at the same time.