How To Tackle The Moldy Smell In Your Carpets

Having a carpet that stinks is not only embarrassing, but can also be unhealthy and uncomfortable as well. However, the fact that installing carpets has many benefits including making the home warmer and more comfortable means that a large number of people use them. If you are one of these and also have to contend with the issue of moldy smell from the carpet, you might need to rethink how you use it in order to make it smell fresh again. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to facilitate this. Some of the most important of these include:


Make sure it’s always dry

One of the commonest issues resulting in a stinking carpet is when a fluid such as water spills on the carpet, and left to dry on its own. If you end up accidentally spilling anything on the carpet, you should always make it a habit to try and dry it as soon as possible. You could even try using a hair dryer with low heat settings to make this possible. If the carpet can be moved, you could hang it in the sun for some time to let it dry, particularly if a lot of water or other fluid was spilled on it.

Clean it on a regular basis

This is the most obvious way of keeping a carpet odor free. Of course, chances are that you already have a vacuum cleaner or steam cleaner to do this. However, using a professional cleaning service such as Fayetteville carpet cleaning firms is often the most cost effective way of going about this. The fact that the employees of such firms are very experienced in such matters means that they are usually in the best position to determine what type of dirt is on the carpet, and what type of cleaning will be most effective in getting rid of it.

How frequently the carpet is cleaned will depend on a host of factors, including how you use the carpet and how much traffic you have in the home. If you live in a house where there are a lot of spills and which has many household members, you will need to clean it on a more regular basis compared to a house that has one occupant who is always careful not to dirty the carpet.

Invest in air ionizers

Basically, bad odor is basically the result of having particles in the air which are inhaled and activate the smell receptors in the nose. By getting rid of such ionizers in the air, you can marginally reduce how smelly a carpet is. Such ionizers tend to release charged particles in the air. The charged particles interact with any other particles in the air, and make them attracted to each other. As a result, they become heavier and heavier, and settle on the ground due to gravity. Obviously, this then means that you will need to still clean the carpet more regularly, so as to get rid of the increased dirt on it.

Using a high quality ionizer combined with using cleaning services from a reputable carpet cleaning firm is normally the most effective way of making sure that you gain the most from both.

Maintain personal hygiene

Personal hygiene is also a common but often neglected reason for having a carpet that has bad odor. This should therefore be investigated as a method of keeping the carpet smelling fresh. For instance, if you have too many people in the home who walk on the carpet with dirty socks, this might make it have a bad odor as well.

These are just a few of the things that can have an effect on the odor that a carpet has. By keeping them in mind, you can reduce the chances of having a carpet that has a bad odor.