Upholstery Cleaning: 10 Commercial Carpet Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

With commercial carpet cleaning having its own set of issues, seeking the service of a qualified professional to handle the process for you can make your life a lot easier. This is because the timing and using the appropriate equipment to do the job will ensure the job is done as it should be without the usual carpet damages and further staining that occurs.

Applying the wrong spotting agent

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Using the wrong spotter will prevent the stains coming up and instead make them settle on your carpet. For majority of the stains such as paint, oil, gum, nail polish and adhesives, they usually need some sort of solvent so that you can get rid of them. For others such as water stains, tea and coffee, you will require an acidic cleaner. Thus, by using the proper agents and steps, you can ensure that the stains will come up failure to which the stains will settle and stick on your carpet if you use the wrong agents. Your only option here will then be to dye your entire carpet to its original color.

Being overly excessive with spot removal

Often times when you are trying to remove a stubborn stain from the carpet, you can’t hold back but be aggressive. What you actually need to do is to step away and get another spotting agent before continuing to scrub in a non-abrasive way so that you do not fray the carpet fibers.

Not pretesting the carpet material

Failure to pretest the carpet often leads to its damage and discoloration. The best approach you can take is cleaning a small section of the carpet and seeing what the outcome will be. Despite this being quite a simple process, you can often overlook it especially if you are in a hurry to complete the cleaning.

Failing to inspect the problematic areas

This is another crucial mistake made. You should always ensure that you go round inspecting the different stain levels and also the carpet’s fiber construction. There is a need to assess the areas that require dust vacuuming to ensure that no soil is left behind.

Creating extra moisture without the appropriate temperature

When you use too much moisture when cleaning, a “wick back” will form leaving chemical residues which will attract dirt quicker.

Failing to pre-spray and pre-scrub before soil removal

This will make the carpet become wetter because of the numerous passes you will need to make to remove the soil.

Failing to match speed to soil removal needs

If there is more dirt on the carpet, you should clean the carpet slower. This is because heavier soil will require more passes.

Failing to monitor hot water extraction

You should always ensure that you are monitoring the equipment as you clean the carpet to ensure all is going well. If you do not complete this correctly, then the cleaning patterns on the floor will not be as effective and you will have to use more time to get the job done.

Not adapting cleaning for restoration versus maintenance

Unlike restoration carpet cleaning, maintenance cleaning does not require the chemicals or the time. Thus, you should use the appropriate cleaning method depending on the type that is required.

Lack of a maintenance program

It is a necessity to have a maintenance program if you want your carpet to last longer and also to maintain air quality that is healthier.

Therefore, you should try as much as you can to avoid the above mistakes when you are cleaning your residential or commercial carpet as it can lead to extensive damage. Whether you are considering house cleaning or carpet cleaning, you should always think about seeking professional services to ensure the job gets done in the best manner.