7 Cleaning Applications Of Vinegar In Your House

Vinegar is a remarkable household tool when it comes to cleaning. With the ability to use with a wide variety of surfaces and items, it is an excellent addition to every home. Surprisingly, many people are not aware of its varied uses. Here, you will find seven applications of vinegar that you can use in your house today.

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Removing adhesive residue and goo

Although there are numerous products in the market claiming that they can remove goo and sticker residue form surfaces, most of them can’t. You will find some that are pungent, toxic, and even some which will leave behind a slick, oily residue of their own. The last thing you want is to clean off your cleaning products, right?

Therefore, you should vinegar instead. All that you need to do is apply a little vinegar to the particular surface and let it soak for about 15 minutes and then you will be able to wipe the dirt away.

Cleans your microwave easily

When was the last time you decided to clean your microwave and took forever scrubbing? Instead of wasting time, you should just use a little vinegar to melt away any food particles or splatter that is present in your microwave.

You should run the microwave high for about five minutes after applying vinegar after which it will melt away together with the debris and dirt allowing you to comfortably wipe inside your microwave.

Acts as a natural fabric refresher

Vinegar has the capacity to neutralize bad odors in the same way that commercialized fabric refreshers do. Thus, to create your own refresher, you should mix one part vinegar with three parts water preferably in a clean spray bottle. If the smell does not sit well with you, then you can add some lemon juice or essential oil.

Eradicates and softens lint from clothes

Instead of using fabric softener, you can use vinegar to get rid of lint which will also leave your clothes feeling soft. Additionally, it will reduce the amount of static even though you fail to use a dry sheet.

“The sink volcano”

Do you detect a slight odor from your kitchen sink? This is because of food residue and particles that have piled in your drain for quite some time. To get rid of these nasty odors, you can create a “sink volcano”. To do this, you should pour a general amount of baking soda into the drain and then follow this up by pouring vinegar. The result will be a type of volcano effect where the mixture will be bubbling up. By doing this, you will be able to remove all traces of food particles and debris and also completely remove the odors.

Cleans your coffee maker

By simply running vinegar through your coffee machine when you want to clean it and then following it up with running it with plain water 3 or 4 times, this will leave your machine looking and smelling clean. This will add a fresh taste to your coffee and your coffee machine will run smoother.

Removes salt from shoes and boots

During, it is quite common for your shoes and boots to accumulate those unattractive white stains from salt as you walk on the sidewalk. By using a rag coated in vinegar, you can effortlessly eliminate these stains. More so, you can do this for your coats, in your car mats and for any other number of fabrics which have salt stains.

With the increase in people wanting to use eco-friendly ways to do various household tasks, vinegar presents itself as a good option. Whether you want to deal with those annoying upholstery and carpet stains, vinegar will do the job for you. Although at times you may not get it as clean as you want, you always have the option of seeking a cleaning service in Fayetteville NC to do deep cleaning for you.