Carpet Cleaning& Your Health: Green, Safe And Effective Carpet Cleaning Chemicals

Chemicals are usually made up of components that are very poisonous to your health. Thus, you should be very careful while using them for cleaning your household items. Being careful protects you from the health risks involved since it is very easy to consume them through inhaling or even while sleeping.

However, it is a challenge to avoid using them, especially while cleaning some items such as the carpet, toilet, the floor, and others. But, there is a safer way of cleaning while using the chemicals, but with no health risks involved. This is using cleaning chemicals that are environmentally responsible (green cleaning chemicals). What this means is that those chemicals are not toxic to you as you clean your carpet and to the surrounding environment. The tips below will help you understand how the green cleaning chemicals protect your health and how you can get them:


The chemicals to choose

It can be difficult to know which chemicals to buy to ensure that your health is protected and also they are effective in cleaning. Carpets require strong chemicals to remove the stains since it is not possible to hand wash. However, your health is much more important and so is the environment you live in. Therefore, the carpet cleaning products you use should be environmental and health friendly.

Thus, the chemical products should be free of the detergent, odor, hypoallergenic and also not toxic. In addition, the cleaners should not have any bacteria, enzymes, compounds that are volatile, or agents that are oxidizing/reducing.

Consider the chemical formulation

Due to the current technology and the strict government regulations, it is now possible to find chemicals for cleaning carpets that are both human and environmental friendly. Therefore, while purchasing you should determine the chemical formulation of the cleaning products you are considering to buy. The chemical formulation indicates the chemical components as well as the effects of that chemical.

The safest and the most healthy, chemical formulation to use is the one which is detergent free, non-allergic, and also without any fragrance. A good example is the Procyon. It is safe to use for the cleaning of your carpet.

The chemicals should be certified

Due to the increasing cases of health issues arising from carpet cleaning chemicals, the government has established and implemented strict laws that the chemical producing companies should adhere to. The main law requires the cleaning chemical products to be green, meaning environmental and health friendly. Therefore, your carpet cleaning products, as well as other product cleaning chemicals, you use should be certified to be green oriented. To be certified means that they have been tested and verified.

The chemical should have a green seal certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) and the Wool Safe. Also, check if the chemicals have the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) validation. If the chemicals, lack the green seal, it means they are not certified and hence not safe for use.

The benefits you can enjoy

Using green chemicals has many benefits as realized throughout the discussion. The major benefit is that they are safe to use this pose no risks to your health. This means that they are able to clean effectively, remove dust, allergens, dirt, and any other form of contaminants in your carpet without any environmental consequences or health risks.

You deserve the best that the nature has to offer. This means that you should be able to live in your home safely because after all, it is your safe haven. It sounds contradictory when cleaning becomes the source of your health problems, especially if it is as minor as a focus to get regular carpet cleaning, so protect yourself by using safer chemicals during cleaning.