Mistakes to Avoid When Painting Your House

Painting your house seems to be the best option when you want to renovate your house on a budget or simply because you want to spruce it up a bit. Whether you go for exterior painting or interior painting Fayetteville NC, it seems to be a great way to update your home in general. There’s no doubt that it makes the rooms and the house look cleaner. Since painting the house is not as expensive as other home remodeling projects, it can be done quite often according to the recent trends or your preference. Many people prefer to pain their house when they plan to sell in in near future as it can actually attract many buyers.

With painting serving numerous benefits to the homeowners, it is very important that you pay special attention when choosing paint for a room and how the room is going to be painted. Before you even think that you can paint your room at your own, remember that seeking professional’s assistance won’t cost you much. Since you are not doing it quite often, your outcome will not reflect a professional touch. Here are a few mistakes that people make when painting their house. Keep a note of them and try to avoid them to the maximum.

• Using painter’s tape

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There are many people who would agree that a painter’s tape is not less than any blessing. However, there is still a group of people who believes that it hardly serves the purpose and is just wastage of time and money. The most important thing that you need to remember is that the painter’s tape is supposed to be use fairly quickly. This tape is not designed to be used on a wall for making designs or on trim to be painted and then left on there for several hours or even days. Ideally this tape is to be removed as soon as you are done with your job and that is even before the paint starts to finish. In case you wait for the paint to dry completely, this tape will simply muck up the paint that is around the tape and under the tape.

• Not using primer

Although primer is an expensive option but its result is outstanding can incomparable. You will never regret once you try it. Primer is more like glue that keeps everything together when it is applied on a wall. This is how the paint adheres to the surface. These days, different types of primers are available in the market like masonry primer, dry wall primer and wood primer etc. by using this special product, the paint will not only stick to the material you are painting but it will also assist the paint in showing the true color in less coats. Hence, even if the primer is costing you slightly more, remember that it will save you a lot in the long run.

• Not knowing the difference between rolling and brushing

If you are repainting your house for the first time, you must know for what a roller and a brush is used for. This is highly important for those who are painting their rooms themselves. However, even when seeking professional service you must have a general know about basic painting. Paint brushes are primarily used for painting corners, chair rails, trim and other small areas. When it comes to painting a large surface, you can easily get it done with a nap roller of good quality.

Just get a nice paint pan and you will be simply surprised to see the result. Make sure that extra pressure is not exerted on the roller when you are painting. If pressure is exerted, it spoils the elegant texture layer of paint the nap roller leaves behind. Pushing the roller too hard will also make the paint to come out from the sides of the roller and then roll down the wall leaving blobs and streaks behind.

• Buying wrong amount of paint

Generally, when you ask the painter to give an estimate about the paint that will be required to complete the task he would ask for one gallon for every four hundred square feet. However, this is not the right approach to calculate the quantity of paint required. How much paint is needed is primarily dependent on the quality of wall that is to be painted and whether you have primed it or not. Different walls absorb paint in different ways and therefore consume different quantities of paint.

It is highly recommended that you seek professional service in this regard who can visit your home and then make an estimate of the paint required after analyzing the area. Figuring out how much paint will be needed ahead of time can save you from making frequent trips to the shop later. You must remember that most of colors available these days are not shelf paints. They are mixed by a professional on request of the client and this takes time.