How To Clean Different Types Of Carpets

If you are planning to purchase carpets for your room, you will certainly be surprised to see a plethora of options waiting for you. However, before you purchase one, make sure you are aware of the types and styles so that you do not regret later. A carpet can only maintain its look and feel if it is kept clean and well maintained. The cleaning method of the carpets varies according to the type. Make sure you know the type of carpet you are purchasing along with its cleaning method.

The carpets are broadly categorized under two types, namely loop pile and cut pile. Each type offers different styles to the prospective buyers to choose from. Here are tips from Fayetteville carpet cleaning professionals that you might find useful:

Loop pile carpets

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The loops of the carpets are very much visible in the loop pile carpets because the yarn tips are not cut. They are considered to be all-purpose carpets and they are highly durable at the same time. You can have a lot of options to make a selection like cut and loop carpets, patterned multi-level loop and level loop carpets.

• Cut and loop carpets

This carpet style is a fine mixture of cut pile and loop pile fibers. It has a textured appearance and is ideal for high traffic areas. The best part about these carpets is that they can easily hide stains and dirt.

How to clean: You can vacuum these carpets regularly depending upon the usage. If this carpet is in high traffic area, you might have to vacuum on alternate days. All three types of vacuum cleaner heads can be used. However, it is better if you avoid over-using the revolving brush-style vacuum cleaner head. This is because it can spoil the textured appearance of the carpet. Plain suction head is highly recommended as it can easily avoid the unnecessary pressure that can flatter the carpet. Revolving brush head can be used occasionally.

• Patterned multi-level loop carpet

These are very special carpets as they comprise of loops of different heights to create a pattern or texture.

How to clean: Vacuuming the carpet will not spoil your carpet. In fact the reverse is true for these carpets. If you do not vacuum, grit and dirt tends to get down inside the fibers of the carpet and rub that can spoil its look. For these types of carpets, you can use a plain-suction type vacuum cleaner. Revolving or turbo brush head attachments may affect the surface hairiness or frizzing. Make sure you do not overuse the vacuum as it can lead to frizzing of the loops. Adjustable revolving brushes and beater bar brushes can be used on light settings.

• Level loop carpets

This carpet comprises of short looped fibers and has a rough appearance. There are color flecks in the fiber that assist in hiding dirt.

How to clean: In the very first place, you need to adopt a ‘no shoes’ policy in your home if you have these carpets. Similarly, do not allow your kids to eat or drink on the carpet. Afterwards, you can go for regular vacuuming and using stain removals to make your carpet look beautiful for a long time. Since the loops are thick, it becomes a bit difficult to remove the stains if it has gone down the loops. You will have to seek assistance from professional carpet cleaning companies as well for best results.

Cut pile carpets

These carpets are highly durable because of the twist of the yarn, the density of the tufts and the fiber that is used. The four most popular styles in cut pile carpets include textures, plush, Saxony and frieze.

Most of the cut pile carpet especially tonals or plain are prone to shading. You can see light and dark patches because of uneven crushing of the surface. However this is not taken to be a defect in the carpet. In order to clean individual spills, you can use a damp paper towel than then blot towards the center of the spot. The cut pile carpets have blunt ends rather than loops making it easy for them to release particles of soils.

To maintain its best appearance, you will have to vacuum the carpet frequently. If you have kids or pets at home, you need to vacuum daily. The experts recommend steam cleaning your cut pile carpets once in a year. You can look for a professional carpet cleaning company in your town and get it done easily. However, make sure you hire a reputable one.

In case your cut pile carpet snags on a sharp object, there is a chance that it pulls into a sprout. The best thing to do in this case is to simply clip any sprouts that you notice to the level of the carpet surface. This is done to prevent any damage to the underlying weave.