5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Air Duct Cleaning

Many people spend more than 90 percent of their time in an enclosed area with a controlled air system. The air they breathe is controlled by either an air conditioning and a heating system. Most work places and residential areas rarely open their windows to let in natural air and this might make the air inside the building and houses far worse than the air outside. Homeowners might decide to change the air filters and maintain the HVAC system, but still there is the need to clean the air ducts to make sure the air they breathe is clean.

The air duct cleaning process includes the removal of dust particles and debris in the in the air duct systems such as gravity heater, forced air systems and all the other systems. Some of the benefits of air duct cleaning include cleaner breathing air, reduced health issues, reduced expenditure on energy bills, better system performances, and better air circulation. The following is a list of some of the merits that air duct cleaning can bring to homeowners.

Better quality of indoor air


Even though many people today are concerned about the quality of the air they breathe in, most of them are worried about the air outside their houses. However, if you consider the quality of the air inside their houses, they should be worried about the inside of the house rather than outside as it is in a worse condition. This is especially important seeing as they spend far less time outside than inside be it in an office building or residential building. Even though cleaning your air duct alone may not be the only solution to cleaner air, it goes a long way in improving its quality. The more people and pets you have in the house, the more often you should clean your air duct as it is recycling foul air into the house that might bring illnesses to your family.

Air duct cleaning improves air circulation

Reasons for reduced air circulation in the ventilation systems can be attested to varying problems in the air control systems and its parts. To identify the exact reason for the reduction of air circulation, it is advisable to call in an expert in to troubleshoot and identify the exact cause but more often than not you will find that the problem was in the parts of your ventilation system. Debris and particles in the system often cause the low air circulation, accumulating in the system, interfering with its performance, and causing poor air circulation and poor air quality inside the building or house. Therefore calling in a professional to clean the air ducts will restore the system’s performance and increase the air circulation I in the system.

Air duct cleaning can help reduce energy consumption and therefore save energy

Almost everyone is concerned about their energy savings and will often try to find ways to cut on the energy expenses. One of the ways to cut energy costs associated with heating is to keep the air systems performing optimally. This is accomplished by doing regular maintenance checks on the system and cleaning the air ducts. Research has shown that an average home with five to six bedrooms can cut their energy bills by more than 30 percent if they clean their air ducts regularly and maintain the system free of dust. Contamination in the system like dirt particles and debris slow down the system forcing it to work harder to try to achieve its previous performance. This considerably reduces the life span of the system.

Cleaning of the air duct can improve system performance

One of the most important factors in a system’s operations and life span is its performance. This will determine how well it functions and how effective it is. The effectiveness of the heating and air system is determined by well it does its job, this then makes it try to compensate when the air duct is full of dust and debris by working extra hard. This in turn affects how long a system can last. Since most owners do not have sufficient knowledge in fixing heating and cooling systems, it wise to call in a professional cleaner to do the job for you. Once the system is totally clean and the air ducts cleared of dirt and debris, you will notice a significant change in the performance of the system.

Cleaning air ducts can make breathing easier

People with conditions such as asthma, allergies, and other respiratory complications, can have a very hard time breathing if the air inside the house is not fresh, and free from pollutants. Every household as some pollutants that they release into the heating and cooling system, which they have to clean for the comfort of the family members with difficulty in breathing.